Digital Film Editing Course – One Month, Six Month and One Year Course

Our film editing course have individual training method and special guidance from our professional instructors will make you a professional editors. our instructors are media professionals use these tools on daily basis to over come the industry requirements. film editing courses are meant for person who would like to develop there skill in film making, director, video editor.

Do you dream of working in video production? Then the Diploma of Video editing is the ideal launching pad for you.

This programme teaches skills and techniques of video production and you will be working on projects from idea to reality. You’ll develop storytelling and design skills, learn to shoot, capture and edit digital video record voice overs, edit music and create your own soundtracks.

We conduct film editing course in Chennai and We also offer you free of charge retake of the sessions, within 5 months of your first day of training, if there’s something you forget or new updates in the software. Thats the VFX Guarantee of Learning.

This course also covers the latest industry standard techniques for post-production finishing touches.

The concerned candidates should preferably have photoshop software skills and had their designing at any level.

Preference will be given to candidates, who have proven skills designing and editing their works at any level or for short films.

Candidates should demonstrate prior knowledge in Indian Cinema as well as International. Candidates should possess high level of designing creative skills irrespective of software to convey ideas, ability to absorb and to respond to information quickly.

  • This courses is intended for anyone interested in learning to master his or her own.
  • This courses is aimed at beginners, so no previous experience with hand balancing skills is necessary.